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Welcome to Suzanne Harrison Home


Today is a very exciting day for me.

I am so excited (and nervous) about launching this site today – and launching this business really. It’s been almost five years in the making, since I jumped out of my old life, working for “the man,” and into my new life – working for myself, being more creative, and doing more of the things that make me happy.

One of the things that makes me happiest is taking my ideas (I have notebooks full of them!) and making them happen – turning what inspires me into something that will hopefully inspire others. What often inspires me is the idea of “home,” and making it the best it can be. And by home I don’t mean just where you reside, but all of those people, places, and things in your life that give you meaning, and make you feel at home.

So here I go, with an on-line store, blog, wholesale, Etsy shop, social media – the works. I’ve decided it’s time to go for it. It’s time to hit the proverbial road and get moving. And hopefully, along the way, I’ll make things that people like, that make them feel good, and I’ll have fun doing it. That is my dream.

Love where you live. Love how you live.

That is my mission. That is my wish for everyone. It’s what my products are about, and it’s what I like to write about.

So welcome, and thank you for visiting! I hope you like it here. (BTW, isn’t “welcome” about the nicest word in the dictionary? I believe do it is.)

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